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Daryl R. Parker

Subject Matter Expert
Prevention and Investigation
daryl parker blackfish intelligence
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Executive Bio

President, Blackfish Intelligence
Certified Law Enforcement Instructor
Lead Instructor Regional Police Academy
Police Lieutenant in Criminal Investigations, Texas
Firearms Expert
Retired, Chief Warrant Officer 3, U.S. Marine Corps

Daryl Parker is a seasoned professional with a distinguished 20-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps and a successful track record in law enforcement and private investigations. He retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3 with numerous personal decorations, including two combat action awards.

After his military career Daryl served as a police officer in Texas, beginning in Patrol and ending as a Lieutenant in charge of criminal investigations. He also became a certified law enforcement instructor and the lead instructor at a regional police academy.

Daryl left law enforcement to pursue higher education, earning a BA in Public Administration and an MLS in Human Rights and Social Justice at Southern Methodist University. He began volunteering with the Innocence Project in 2014 as a private investigator working on complex post-conviction and cold cases. Today, Daryl is the President of Blackfish Intelligence, one of the largest private investigations firms in the country and is a board-certified criminal defense investigator. His work has been featured in various media outlets such as 48 Hours, The Atlantic magazine, and several podcasts and news articles.

In addition to his expertise in investigations, Daryl is also a nationally recognized firearms expert. He has competed in both rifle and pistol marksmanship and has instructed military, police, and civilian firearms course. He has also appeared on several firearms-related television shows and has testified as an expert witness in criminal trials regarding firearms safety, training and operation.

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