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How do we get to #NEVERHERE?

Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention-Active-Shooter-Prevention-Project
Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert
Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention-Active-Shooter-Prevention-Project-DOJ
Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention-Active-Shooter-Prevention-Project-training
Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention
Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention-Active-Shooter-Prevention-Project-training
Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention-Active-Shooter-Prevention-Project

U.S. Secret Service – National Threat Assessment Center Reports Recent Mass Shootings Occurred in Places We Visit Everyday.


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Percent of mass shootings in schools, universities, places of worship

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A Letter from Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter and Domestic Terrorism events have profoundly affected communities across our nation for over 100 years. The tragic consequences can be felt in places we never imagined. Since 2007, I have been developing programs for law enforcement agencies and began with one where I was a sworn officer just months before the Virginia Tech massacre occurred.

A Letter from Greg Shaffer

Every new year brings with it the promise of change. Unfortunately, change today looks like a steady increase in active shooter and domestic terrorism events. For too long as a nation we have focused on the response to an active threat and not its prevention. It is time to re-think, re-train, change the paradigm and focus on prevention.

Chris, I'm the FBI's program manager for active shooter situations and on the White House working group seeking ways to prevent gun violence. I wanted to drop a note and let you know that I thought the DOJ video was well done. You address many points that we have been stressing.

Katherine SchweitFBI Program Manager, Active Shooter Situations, The White House, Retired

Chris, thanks so much for those kind words. I know my staff is very grateful for your insights and advice on keeping PCM a little safer. I can see God has given you a real calling in this area, and I encourage you to keep at it. At the end of your career, when you are looking back at everything, knowing you did what God called you to do will be worth more than you know. Take this advice from someone on that side of the river! Many blessings to you and safe travels!

Pastor Tom

Patterson retained Chris Grollnek's services for no fee. With Chris' advice and guidance, Patterson became one of the first registered saves using the P.R.O. Model.

Patterson DentalSeattle, WA

I first met Chris Grollnek after the Pulse Nightclub massacre. He's extremely knowledgeable about best practices regarding active shooters. Chris took great pains to explain law enforcement's failures when responding to Pulse. He doesn't talk down to ordinary citizens. Rather, he converses in a manner the layperson can comprehend. I'm very grateful for my professional relationship with Chris Grollnek.

Timothy CwiekSenior Writer Philadelphia Gay News

Thank you for presenting at the People's City Mission on December 10th. Your presentation was greatly appreciated, and I have already shared some of the valuable information you provided with my organization. Your storytelling approach was engaging, although it would have been helpful to know more about the audience's background and why we were all there. It's a shame more people couldn't attend, as your message deserves to be heard by a wider audience. Best of luck in your mission to raise awareness and put an end to these events.

Chris Klingenberg

I attended your training at the People's City Mission and found it to be incredibly useful in providing up-to-date information on active shooter situations. I particularly appreciated the practical advice that I can use both in my work at a school and out in the community. I come from a family with a law enforcement background, so I've always been interested in learning about how to be vigilant and keep others safe. I would love a copy of your handout to share with my agency and family.

Brianna MummBehavioral Health Therapist