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The First Preventers Team, a collective of the nation’s most coveted active shooter, domestic terrorism, and security experts, are available to assist you with ALL of your prevention needs, including Strategies, Training & Certification, Public Speaking, and Media Consulting / Contribution.



The Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), spearheaded by the nation’s leading Active Shooter Expert, Chris Grollnek, is the genesis of the PRO model – Prevention, Response, Options. With a renewed focus on PREVENTION first, the number of lives saved will be countless, and that is priceless!

Chris Grollnek, Public Speaker


Chris Grollnek is a highly sought Public Speaker, Published Author, and Corporate Security Consultant who has studied protective measures against active shooters for over three decades.

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Approved as the motto for the new United States in 1776, during the same year as the Declaration was signed, this Latin phrase reflected a determination to assemble a single unified nation from a collection of states.

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We are actively seeking donations so that we can bring the PRO model to YOUR local community, schools, businesses, and places of worship. By donating, you can participate in this transformative initiative to save lives and prevent tragedies before they happen.



Chris Grollnek is one of the nation’s most sought professionals in the Active Shooter Prevention field. With over 33 years in the study and application of protective measures, Chris brings experience from his time in the Marine Corps, Law Enforcement, and Private/Government contracting providing strategic advisory services for the most senior executives in the country.

“I worked with Chris on a case covering several months and found him to be most diligent in handling the requirements of the project from inception to completion. He was always quick to respond to requests for information and assistance and his work product was invaluable to the successful outcome of the case. Chris is very goal oriented and was flexible to employ the necessary tactics and strategies to achieve the goals we had set for the project.”

Kent Richardson

Asst. Attorney General, Texas Attorney General

Shaffer security group

Greg Shaffer

Greg Shaffer served in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for twenty years. He is currently the founder and President of SHAFFER SECURITY GROUP, a global security, risk management, and tactical training specialty firm based in Dallas, Texas. Greg is recognized as one of the nation’s leading and respected policy experts in the prevention of domestic terrorism and active shooter events. He is both a best-selling author and the TV host of an Investigation Discovery Channel police drama.

“We brought Greg in for our International Safety & Security Conference! He was a huge success and delivered a very compelling presentation on how to stay safe in today’s more dangerous world.”

Hatch Canada

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