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Chuck Savickis

Subject Matter Expert
Foreign and Domestic Counter Terrorism

Executive Bio

Retired FBI Special Agent – Hostage Rescue Team
Former FBI New York – Organized Crime/Narcotics/Undercover/SWAT
Former US Navy SEAL
Chief Operations Officer for WINGSHIELD®, INC.

Hand-selected for US Department of Justice (DOJ) Active Shooter Training and Video

Chuck Savickis is a highly accomplished and respected retired FBI Special Agent with 28 years of extensive real-world experience in confronting and resolving the most dangerous, urgent, and complex threats facing the United States both domestically and globally. He is recognized within the Special Operations community as an expert practitioner in both foreign and domestic Counter-Terrorism and High-Risk Law Enforcement Operations.

As a 17-year veteran operator of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), Chuck performed every aspect of this high-risk mission set and was promoted to the highest level of operational command. He achieved numerous commendations and awards for his operational success during his tenure.

Chuck began his FBI career in New York City, where he worked for 6 years conducting large-scale Organized Crime and Narcotics Investigations, as well as, Undercover and SWAT Team assignments. He received multiple awards for the success of his case work.

Prior to his career in the FBI, Chuck served 5 years as a US Navy SEAL, deploying around the globe in direct support of United States foreign policy.

After retiring from the FBI, Chuck continues to work in the professional security realm. He currently owns and operates a private security consulting business, working with clients throughout the United States and abroad to ensure client safety and organizational resilience. He advises and trains Federal, State, City, and Local Tactical Units on organizational best practices to maximize their operational effectiveness. Chuck is also the current Chief Operations Officer for WINGSHIELD Inc., working to provide a failsafe solution to the growing active shooter threat that now threatens the American public across all venues.

Chuck is a graduate of Framingham State University, the US Naval Special Warfare Center, The FBI Academy, and the Wharton Business School Critical Mission Team Concentration. His education and experience make him a highly sought-after expert in his field.

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