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Article written by Ara Bagdasarian
Emergency Communication Technology Innovator

In today’s world, having a comprehensive security system in place is more critical than ever before. Active shooter events and other hostile incidents can occur at any time and in any location, making it essential for organizations to take proactive measures to enhance their security and ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

The Active Shooter Prevention Project’s P.R.O. Model for active shooter preparedness and response is an effective framework that encompasses three core components: Prevention, Response, and Options. Under the Preparedness and Response components of the P.R.O. Model, having the right technology in place is crucial. This is where Omnilert delivers a valuable asset to organizations seeking to improve their security posture.

Prevention: With Omnilert’s advanced security features, organizations can take a proactive approach to active shooter prevention. Omnilert’s security perimeter technology is a cutting-edge solution that uses existing security cameras to detect threats outside the building before they enter. This allows organizations to quickly implement their emergency response plan and take action to prevent a potential threat from escalating.

Response: When an incident occurs, Omnilert’s building visual gun detection technology can help provide early warning and real-time situational awareness to security personnel and law enforcement, allowing them to take immediate action to mitigate the threat. This technology can be used in combination with Omnilert’s emergency notification systems to automatically notify staff, students, employees, or others in the building of the danger and to lock down the facility.

Options: Omnilert is at the forefront of the latest technology in perimeter security with its gun detection software that can detect guns up to 100 meters away, depending on camera resolution. This innovative solution is aimed at preventing an active shooter event before a perpetrator even has the chance to enter a building. The software detects and identifies the presence of guns in the vicinity, triggering automatic access control door locking and parking lot notifications to alert individuals including law enforcement to potential threats.

By incorporating this technology, organizations can enhance their security posture, increase their preparedness for potential threats, and provide a safer environment for everyone. Omnilert’s gun detection software represents a significant step forward in perimeter security technology, and its implementation can significantly improve the safety of a facility.

Omnilert’s technology is highly effective and has been proven to help organizations improve their security posture and better protect their staff, students, and customers. By implementing these technologies, organizations can enhance their prevention, response, and options preparedness under the P.R.O. Model.

In today’s environment, taking proactive steps to prevent active shooter and other hostile incidents is critical. By working with Omnilert, organizations can take the necessary steps to protect their people and their property.

Omnilert Gun Detection Video

About Ara Bagdasarian

Ara is a visionary entrepreneur and leader in emergency communication technology, co-founding Omnilert in 2004 to pursue his passion for protecting people with innovative tech. He’s at the forefront of the industry, leading strategic initiatives and pushing the boundaries of adoption and capabilities. With Omnilert’s AI-powered Gun Detect software, Ara brought reliable 24×7 monitoring to security cameras for an early gun detection solution.
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