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ASPP Community Advisors

Expert Guidance from Our Nation’s Elite

E Pluribus Unum: "Out of Many, One"

Approved as the motto for the new United States in 1776, during the same year as the Declaration was signed, this Latin phrase reflected a determination to assemble a single unified nation from a collection of states.

The ASPP Elite Community of Advisors includes top professionals from the highest agencies in the nation including CIA, FBI, HRT, Navy SEAL, US Marine Corps, Army Rangers, United States Air Force, law enforcement, SWAT, border patrol, and more. We are the elite of the elite in our field and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organization.

We combine a wealth of experience in active shooter prevention, preparedness, and response. ASPP’s advisors are committed to sharing knowledge and expertise to help keep our communities safe.

We are proud to work together as a team and rely on our collective intelligence to help us achieve our mission of promoting safety and security within our communities.

“I worked with Chris on a case covering several months and found him to be most diligent in handling the requirements of the project from inception to completion. He was always quick to respond to requests for information and assistance and his work product was invaluable to the successful outcome of the case. Chris is very goal oriented and was flexible to employ the necessary tactics and strategies to achieve the goals we had set for the project.”

Kent Richardson

Chris Grollnek

Managing Partner – Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC

Greg Shaffer

Principal, Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC

Chuck Savickis

Foreign and Domestic Counter Terrorism

Glenn Norling

Active Shooter Preparedness

Mike Messenger

Active Shooter Preparedness


Michael Rush

Active Shooter Prevention

Daryl R. Parker

Prevention and Investigation

Tod Langley

Emergency/Crisis Response and Training Strategy

Ara Bagdasarian

Emergency Communication Technology

Scott Hyderkhan

Active Shooter Tactical Training

Aaron Witt

Active Shooter Response and Recovery

Ty Hewer

Active Shooter Response-Inter-Agency Coordination

Kim Marsh

Mass Communications and Safety Devices

Rebecca Rush

Safety Devices and Tools

Justin Partridge

Safety Devices and Tools

Melvin Dugger

Justice and Administration of Criminal Justice

Amy Rambadt

Mass Communications

Rick Shaw

Violence Prevention

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