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ASPP is honored to introduce Mike Messenger, a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in federal law enforcement as part of our elite team. He has held numerous leadership roles throughout his career, including serving as the former acting head of the FBI Newark Division, where he oversaw hundreds of personnel and millions of dollars of resources focused on mitigating criminal and national security threats throughout New Jersey.

In his role at WINGSHIELD®, INC., Mike brings his wealth of experience and expertise to the table, utilizing his extensive background in law enforcement to enhance the company’s security protocols and procedures. As a retired FBI agent, he has a deep understanding of the inner workings of federal law enforcement agencies and is able to leverage this knowledge to help companies better protect their assets and personnel.

Throughout his career, Mike has been recognized for his outstanding leadership and commitment to enhancing information sharing and building relationships to thwart terroristic and criminal efforts around the world. He has led multiple units at FBI Headquarters Counterterrorism Division, where he created and managed the e-Guardian threat monitoring system, which streamlined the process for federal, state, and local partners to share terrorism-related information seamlessly in the post-9/11 world.

In addition, Mike was selected to lead the White House Office of the Program Manager Suspicious Activity Reporting initiative, which aimed to efficiently share information in the international arena on potential criminal and national security threats. These accomplishments highlight Mike’s commitment to public safety and his ability to develop and implement effective strategies to mitigate security risks.

Mike’s experience extends beyond law enforcement, as he has also demonstrated a strong ability to build partnerships between the FBI and the private sector. He has worked extensively with the academic community, as well as in the healthcare, tech, and logistics industries, to bolster information sharing and integration to enhance public safety.


Throughout his career, Mike has received numerous awards and accolades, including the FBI Director’s Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Leadership. He is a valuable asset to any organization, bringing a unique combination of law enforcement expertise and private sector experience to the table.

In his role as Vice President of WINGSHIELD®, INC., Mike is dedicated to helping the company enhance its security protocols and procedures, leveraging his extensive background in law enforcement to better protect the company’s assets and personnel. His experience, expertise, and commitment to public safety make him an invaluable member of the WINGSHIELD®, INC. team.

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