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ASPP Services

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Executive Leadership Address

Specifically crafted for organization leaders to provide a clear understanding of the severity of the risks associated with active shooter/domestic terrorism events happening at workplaces, schools, houses of worship, or public and private businesses.

  • Schools
  • Houses of Worship
  • Corporate America
  • Small Business
  • Non-profit
  • Department of Defense (DOD) and Military Commands

P.R.O. Model Workshops

Innovative simulations purpose-built to reduce fear and save lives.

  • Prevention
  • Response
  • Options
  • Tabletop Exercises
DOJ-Training-P.R.O. Model-US-Attorneys-Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention-Active-Shooter-Prevention-Project


A comprehensive suite of best-in-class assessments to help organizations identify and mitigate risks related to various types of security threats.

  • Vulnerability
  • Physical Threat
  • Location Security
  • Environmental Hazard
  • Active Shooter Prevention
  • Domestic Terrorism Preparedness
  • Insurance
DOJ-Training-P.R.O. Model-US-Attorneys-Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention-Active-Shooter-Prevention-Project

Community Training

Educational workshops designed to provide members of a community with the knowledge and skills they need to prevent, prepare for, and respond to a variety of emergency or crisis situations, including active shooter incidents.

DOJ-Training-P.R.O. Model-US-Attorneys-Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention-Active-Shooter-Prevention-Project

Staff Training

Educational workshops with hands-on simulations and drills designed to provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their job duties effectively and safely. They ensure employees can understand and apply information effectively.

  • Safety procedures
  • Emergency response plans
  • Customer service
  • Active shooter prevention
  • Active shooter preparedness

Products & Technologies



Cutting-edge threat assessment and management tools that provide a comprehensive and effective solution for identifying and addressing potential threats. These tools streamline the process of connecting reports to the appropriate members of the community-wide threat assessment team, taking on the burden of this task for you. This allows for a more efficient and effective way to identify potential threats and manage them.


Ominilert Gun Detection

AI-enabled Gun Detection software that allows for 24/7 monitoring of security cameras, providing a reliable and efficient early detection solution that can be easily deployed in a wide range of settings.

Ominilert Mass Notification

Emergency Communications and Automation Platform designed to provide quick and efficient activation of emergency response plans and safety systems, ensuring that the right information is shared with the right people at the right time. Whether the threat is from firearms or severe weather, the platform helps you make the most of every critical moment and protect your people from harm.


Mobile shelter-in-place ballistic proof device designed with accessibility and today’s threats in mind. Its everyday use as a whiteboard makes it practical, and its ballistic capabilities make it essential. Revolutionary active shooter preparedness. Newly patented product.


Ballistic Glass Glazing

Wide range of products and solutions designed to address different threat levels.

Shot Detection Technology

Ballistic Glass

Custom-sized ballistic protection products.

Drone Detection Software

Designed to keep you informed and in control.

Drone Countermeasure Technology & Devices

Technology and devices designed to physically destroy, neutralize, or take control of drones.

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