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Rebecca Rush

Subject Matter Expert
Safety Devices and Tools

Executive Bio

Co-Founder/President & CEO WINGSHIELD® INC.

Rebecca Rush, is the mother of two school-aged children. Rebecca is a Co-Founder of Wingshield Inc., and is also a very successful Business woman specializing in Marketing and Real Estate. One of Rebecca’s greatest fears; “when I send my children to school this morning, could this be the day that they don’t come home to me?” Rebecca knows that she is not alone in that thought. Countless parents that she speaks with share the same concern.

The horrific events of Sandy Hook Elementary, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, and numerous others led Rebecca to the realization that if it could happen there, surely, it could happen in my own town. Through years of prayers, God shared a design for our product, which resulted in the creation of The Wingshield. It’s a ballistic mobile shelter-in-place product with revolutionary technology that was tested at HP White Laboratory, a world-renowned lab, where the Wingshield passed every ballistic test.

As a result, the WINGSHIELD®, INC. Team was created, which is equally as dedicated to our tangible, yet affordable, life-saving technology. The patented Wingshield life saving device, does not require retrofitting or construction. The Wingshield is the option for all schools, houses of worship, government centers, shopping malls, office buildings, executives, and beyond, need. The Wingshield creates a safe room and gives peace of mind to everyone, especially parents, students, and educators.

Help us protect our future today!

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