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Michael Rush

Subject Matter Expert
Active Shooter Prevention
Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert

Executive Bio

Inventor, The WINGSHIELD – Mobile Ballistic Device
Executive Vice President and Co-Founder WINGSHIELD®, INC.
Retired Senior Federal Law Enforcement Officer
Retired DEA Supervisory Special Agent

Michael Rush is a seasoned and accomplished executive with over 26 years of experience in the field of law enforcement. He is a retired Senior Federal Law Enforcement Officer who has demonstrated a deep understanding of complex criminal investigations, strategic management, problem-solving, and building strong liaisons and partnerships with other Federal agencies, as well as State and Local law enforcement.

Throughout his career, Michael has led and supervised Federal Agents from multiple agencies and Task Force Officers from numerous state and local Police Departments. He is well-versed in the subject matter of Active Shooters and is the inventor of the WINGSHIELD, a ballistic mobile-shelter-in-place device. Michael is also the Co-Founder of WINGSHIELD® Inc.

Michael has a unique ability to assess risks, implement and develop operational plans, manage resources, and train team members. He has expertise in both Domestic and International Drug Trafficking Organizations, investigating Foreign Counter-Intelligence (FCI) and International Terrorism operations, including physical surveillance and electronic surveillance, tactical operations, and building cohesive and productive teams to achieve vital missions and goals.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Accounting, is a graduate of the FBI Academy Special Surveillance Group (SSG), and graduated from the DEA Academy as a Special Agent in Quantico, VA. With his extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise, Michael Rush is an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to improve its security, risk management, and overall performance.

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