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Chris Grollnek

Subject Matter Expert
Active Shooter Prevention
Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention-Active-Shooter-Prevention-Project-training
Chris Grollnek, active shooter expert-prevention-Active-Shooter-Prevention-Project-training

Executive Bio

Managing Partner – Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC
Former United States Marine – Staff Non-Commissioned Officer
Retired Police Detective – Patrol | SWAT | Undercover Narcotics

Hand-selected for US Department of Justice (DOJ) Active Shooter Training and Video

Invited to speak at World Police Summit in the name of ” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, for the Dubai World Trade Centre from 7 – 9 March 2023

Chris Grollnek is a highly respected professional in the field of Active Shooter Prevention, with over 33 years of experience in protective measures. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his time in the Marine Corps, Law Enforcement, and the Private Sector, where he has provided strategic advisory services to top executives in the country.

Following his involvement in the Active Shooter Event in McKinney, Texas in 2010, Chris redirected his post-graduate studies and wrote his thesis on the phenomenon of active shooter events. He then began contracting with the Department of Homeland Security and wrote and appeared in a documentary about active shooter incidents and survival guidance. Chris is one of the only security professionals in the country with both personal experience in a domestic terrorism event and a master’s degree in the field, making his expertise truly unique.

Chris founded the Active Shooter Prevention Project, which uses a multi-faceted approach to offer comprehensive solutions from a broad spectrum of partners and is focused on preventing incidents before they occur. As the Principal and Founder of the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC, Chris and his partners have established a new National Standard of Active Shooter Prevention adopted by the US Government.

As our nation’s leading Active Shooter Expert, Chris was hand-selected by the US Government to create and film an active shooter prevention training video. The recently released video was purpose-built, written, and designed by Chris Grollnek with the intention to train the Executive Offices of the United States Attorney and has been made available to the entire Department of Justice for their semi-annual Active Shooter training requirement.

Chris is internationally recognized as one of the leading experts and authorities on the phenomenon of “active shooter” events and prevention. As one of just a few legacy experts with active shooter experience, Chris’ expertise is in high demand across the nation and across industries. Chris provides strategic advisory services for the highest levels of government and the most senior executives in the country. He’s also retained by families seeking criminal and financial restitution for the loss of loved ones during an active shooter event.

Grollnek has appeared on numerous national television networks, including Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Fox Nation, Fox Business, OANN, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, (let’s link to each of these) and numerous syndicated radio broadcast programs. He has provided keynotes and training across the county and recently delivered live training to the entire Department of Justice on Active Shooter Prevention Strategies and the P.R.O. Model.

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