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Amy Rambadt

Subject Matter Expert
Mass Communications

Executive Bio

Owner, Active Shooter Response System (A.S.R.S.)
Co-founder/CEO Grav IT, LLC.

Amy is the co-founder and CEO of Grav IT, LLC, a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and solutions to improve the safety and security of schools, businesses, and other organizations. With a background in small town values and a strong sense of community, Amy recognized the need for better preparedness and response to active shooter and other crisis situations.

Together with her family, she formed Grav IT and began developing their first product, the Active Shooter Response System (A.S.R.S.). The A.S.R.S. is a patent-pending technology that provides a comprehensive solution for managing crisis situations using safe technology and mass communication.

Amy and her team are committed to making a positive impact on the safety and security of communities everywhere. With her passion for innovation and dedication to protecting the people and places she cares about; Amy is leading the charge to make the world a safer place for everyone.

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