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ASPP Welcomes Clear Armor

The Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC is pleased to announce its partnership with Clear Armor, a true trailblazer in security technology. This collaboration brings Clear Armor’s unparalleled ballistic-grade laminates to ASPP’s comprehensive array of security solutions, marking a significant leap forward in establishing fortified environments.

Redefined Security with the Strongest and Safest Laminates

Clear Armor stands as the sole source manufacturer and installer of the strongest and safest ballistic-grade laminates available. A dedication to unyielding protection has led to the creation of these laminates, transforming ordinary glass into an impenetrable barrier against potential threats. This makes Clear Armor’s laminates an essential asset across industries such as education, government, banking, police, military, and corporations.

Clear Armor’s world-patented, optically clear laminates represent a leap forward in security technology. They serve as a one-way armor, effectively withstanding multiple threat levels. These laminates boast unparalleled strength, capable of resisting forced entry, crowd riots, and even bullet penetration, thereby providing unmatched security.

Exceptional Lineup with Versatile Applications

Clear Armor offers three cutting-edge products, each adaptable to various security needs:

SL-15: Engineered with a 15-mil protection level, this laminate sets new standards in repelling intruders. Its sophisticated design ensures glass integrity even against multiple impacts, providing precious response time.

SL-31: At the forefront with a 31-mil protection level, this laminate boasts the remarkable strength required for prolonged threats. Beyond its resilience, it offers riot protection while maintaining the same unwavering security as the SL-15.

BR Laminate (Bullet Resistant): Representing the pinnacle of protection, the BR Laminate is engineered to halt most common handgun rounds and double 00 buckshot from penetrating the glass. This laminate is strategically designed to allow defensive shots to be fired from within the building, providing a unique combination of security and response capability.

ASPP Welcomes Clear Armor

Clear-Armor 15mil Laminate Versus a 9mm Handgun, Intruder and a Bat (YouTube Video)

This product’s technological advancement is unparalleled; it effectively halts a 308 round (308 caliber), showcasing its exceptional capabilities.


Clear-Armor 31mil Riot/Bomb Blast Security Laminate (YouTube Video)


A Commitment to Uncompromising Protection

ASPP is proud to incorporate Clear Armor’s products into its suite of offerings. This partnership signifies a significant step towards a more secure world. Through state-of-the-art technology, dedication, and a team of seasoned experts, Clear Armor and ASPP are resolute in their mission to neutralize and mitigate active threats, fortify communities, and redefine the security landscape. This synergy is not just about protection; it’s about fostering a safer tomorrow through innovation and unwavering dedication to security.

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