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In his relentless pursuit of empowering safety and preventing active shooter incidents, Chris Grollnek, The Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC’s (ASPP) distinguished active shooter prevention expert, is taking his message and expertise to audiences worldwide. With over 33 years of experience in protective measures as a former Marine and police officer from McKinney, Texas, Grollnek has become a leading authority in active shooter prevention and response strategies.

Grollnek’s mission is simple yet profound: to provide organizations and communities with the tools and knowledge they need to protect themselves and their loved ones from the devastating impact of active shooter incidents. His dedication to this cause has led him to speak at some of the most prestigious events and platforms globally.

One such event was the World Police Summit in Dubai, where Grollnek shared his insights and strategies with law enforcement officials from around the world. His message of prevention and the use of advanced technologies to save lives resonated deeply with the attendees, making a significant impact on their approach to handling active shooter situations.

Beyond international events, Grollnek has also been actively involved in working with various government entities, including the Federal Government and County Appraisal Districts. His expertise has been sought after by these organizations to develop and implement comprehensive active shooter prevention measures. Through his engagements with government bodies, Grollnek’s influence extends to a broader scope, impacting policy and security procedures.


Recognizing the critical importance of safety in places of worship, Grollnek has been instrumental in providing training and guidance to Houses of Worship. His work with religious institutions aims to create a secure environment where worshippers can practice their faith without fear. By collaborating with clergy members, security committees, and administrators, Grollnek has been able to equip these organizations with the knowledge and resources necessary for effective active shooter prevention.

Grollnek’s commitment to education and awareness extends to educational institutions as well. He has worked closely with schools and colleges to enhance safety measures and develop comprehensive emergency response protocols. By emphasizing prevention and preparedness, Grollnek helps schools create a culture of safety, ensuring that students and staff are well-prepared to handle any potential threat.

As a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Grollnek has also been a prominent presence at conferences and seminars dedicated to security, emergency preparedness, and law enforcement. His engaging and informative sessions have left a lasting impact on attendees, sparking meaningful discussions and motivating individuals to take proactive steps in active shooter prevention.

Through his extensive work and collaborations, Chris Grollnek is making a significant difference in the field of active shooter prevention. His contributions to enhancing safety and security have touched lives across the globe. As he continues his mission to make the world a safer place, his dedication to the vision of #NEVERHERE remains unwavering. Together with his Community of Experts, EAGL Technology, Omnilert, Awareity, Wingshield, Clear Armor, AMP Global Strategies, and MidPoint Technology Group, Grollnek is leading the charge to save lives and ensure a safer future for all.

“The protection of children’s lives in school shootings should be our paramount concern. By empowering the public and leveraging the current technology available, we can make significant strides in preventing and mitigating such tragic events. It is crucial to foster a proactive approach that equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and resources to identify warning signs, respond effectively, and embrace preventive measures. By applying innovative technologies, such as threat detection systems, communication tools, and emergency response protocols, we can enhance school security and create safer environments for our children. Saving lives requires a collective effort, combining public awareness, community engagement, and utilizing available technology to combat the threat of school shootings.

Together, let’s remember that we cannot respond our way out of this problem; it is time for innovation.”

Chris Grollnek
Managing Principal

Are you an integrator or solution provider passionate about creating safer environments and preventing active shooter incidents? Join forces with ASPP and become part of our mission to empower communities and save lives. Together, we can make a difference by leveraging our expertise, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive approach to active shooter prevention. By collaborating with ASPP, you’ll gain access to a network of experts, cutting-edge solutions, and a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to making the world a safer place. Let’s unite our efforts and bring innovative solutions to schools, houses of worship, healthcare facilities, and other organizations in need. Join ASPP today and be part of the movement to combat the threat of active shooters.

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