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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Honorable Congressman Dan Meuser, his staff and colleagues for their presence at the Capitol Hill Hilton, where we had the opportunity to discuss an issue of paramount importance: active shooter events and the urgent need to secure our nation’s schools. It is through your leadership and commitment that we can make a real difference in protecting our children and ensuring a safer future for our nation.

Every day, active shooter incidents are occurring with increasing frequency and severity, putting our entire population at risk. As a nation, we cannot stand idly by while innocent lives are lost within the very halls of our schools. It is our responsibility to take action and implement the necessary measures to prevent these tragedies.

While we cannot bring back the children who have already been lost, we can honor their memory and bring solace to their grieving parents by mandating and funding basic school security measures that will ensure the safety of all students, all the time.

I invite everyone to watch a clip from my speech, “The Gift of Time.” This speech not only outlines our path forward but also underscores the absolute necessity of your involvement in this crucial matter. By implementing these solutions in our schools since 2017, we could have prevented tragic mass shootings like those in Parkland, Uvalde, Nashville, Santa Fe, and Oxford High.

I want to bring your attention to the Honorable Congressman Dan Meuser, who is leading the charge in this initiative to secure our nation’s schools. I urge you to reach out to his Chief of Staff, Timothy Costa, at or by calling 202.225.6511 to join us in this critical mission. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the safety of our educational institutions and the well-being of our students.

Please know that my team and I are available to discuss this vital matter and the immediate steps that need to be taken. Everyone’s involvement and commitment are integral to the success of this initiative.

Thank you once again Honorable Congressman, your staff and colleagues for your presence and your dedication to securing our nation’s future. It is only through collaborative efforts that we can achieve the necessary changes and create a safer environment for all.


Chris Grollnek


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