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Albuquerque-based EAGL Technology, Inc. has been honored with the “2023 Ambassador Program, Circle of Excellence” award presented by the Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC (ASPP). The company’s commitment to studying methods and implementing technologies for preventing and responding to active shooter incidents has earned them this prestigious recognition. EAGL’s dedication to developing innovative gunshot detection software and utilizing automation to provide early incident recognition and immediate notification to relevant personnel sets them apart. Download Full Press Release.

Commitment to Prevention and Response

ASPP, an organization dedicated to preventing active shooter incidents, recognized EAGL Technology for its unwavering commitment to researching and applying various methods and technologies to mitigate these all-too-frequent events. EAGL’s efforts in utilizing automation to provide timely notifications to school management and law enforcement personnel were particularly noted. By doing so, they enable crucial response actions to be taken swiftly, potentially saving lives. EAGL’s commitment to developing effective technologies and implementing them for active shooter prevention and response has had a significant impact in the field.

ASPP’s Multi-Faceted Approach

ASPP, which aims to create safe public spaces, including schools and houses of worship, works towards preventing active shooter incidents before they occur. The organization empowers communities to prevent future tragedies by leveraging lessons from past incidents and exploring innovative strategies and technologies that provide comprehensive solutions. Through their “2023 Ambassador Program, Circle of Excellence” award, ASPP acknowledges organizations like EAGL Technology that align with their mission and make significant contributions to the field of active shooter prevention.

The Gift of Time

EAGL Technology recently sponsored, Chris Grollnek’s Keynote “The Gift of Time” in Washington DC which was delivered to the Honorable Congressman Dan Meuser, his staff and colleagues. This speech not only outlined the nation’s path forward but also underscored the absolute necessity of communities, government, and policy makers involvement in this crucial matter. By implementing these solutions in our schools, we could have prevented tragic mass shootings like those in Parkland, Uvalde, Nashville, Santa Fe, and Oxford High. The Gift of Time Sizzle Reel

Industry Recognition

EAGL Technology’s selection as the fourth recipient of the ASPP “2023 Ambassador Program, Circle of Excellence” award is a testament to their excellence and the impact they have made in the field of active shooter prevention. The company’s CEO, Boaz Raz was presented with the Circle of Excellence Award, symbolizing their commitment and dedication to public safety. EAGL’s contributions to the development of an emergency event management platform and their collaboration with ASPP exemplify their mission to provide comprehensive solutions for active shooter prevention and response. EAGL Technology’s innovative approach and industry recognition solidify their position as a leading contributor to the field of active shooter prevention and response, working tirelessly to create safer environments for all.


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