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Article written by Chris Grollnek
Active Shooter Prevention Expert

Greetings everyone! I am thrilled to have recently had the opportunity to speak at a webinar titled “How to Integrate Weapons Detection & Gunshot Sensor Systems into your Campus Security Plan.” It was an honor to be invited to share my insights and expertise on this critical topic. The event, hosted and promoted by, brought together industry leaders and professionals to discuss the importance of incorporating advanced technology into school security strategies. Joining me were esteemed co-speakers Paul M. Sarnese, Owner of Secured & Prepared Consulting, and Mark Franken, VP of Marketing at Omnilert. Our discussion was moderated by Steve Lasky, Editorial Director of

I want to take a moment to recognize and commend my co-speakers for their exceptional contributions to the field of active shooter prevention and their expertise in integrating weapons detection and gunshot sensor systems. Paul M. Sarnese, with his extensive experience in healthcare security and safety, has brought valuable insights to the discussion. His past role as the President of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety speaks volumes about his expertise. Mark Franken’s passion for leveraging AI technology to proactively detect guns and protect against active shooters is truly commendable. As the VP of Marketing at Omnilert, Mark has successfully promoted safety-enhancing technologies across multiple industries. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such esteemed professionals.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to for hosting and promoting this event. Their dedication to fostering discussions and disseminating knowledge in the security industry is commendable. By providing a platform for industry experts to share their insights, plays a vital role in improving security practices across various sectors. I am also grateful that the event recording is available for on-demand viewing, allowing individuals to access this valuable information at their convenience.

Webinar Overview

During the webinar, we focused on the benefits of integrating weapons detection and gunshot sensor systems into school security strategies, particularly for K-12 schools. Our discussions delved into crucial topics such as facility assessment, technology selection, establishing effective partnerships between school districts and solution providers, funding considerations, and the transformative potential of AI in school security.

Advantages of Integration

As schools seek to enhance their physical security measures, technologies like gun detection systems have emerged as game-changers. These cutting-edge systems employ sophisticated algorithms and sensors to detect the presence of firearms within school grounds, enabling swift and efficient responses to potential threats. In particular, energy sensors such as those developed by EAGL Technologies are specifically designed to identify the unique energy signature produced by the discharge of a firearm, whether it occurs indoors or outdoors. This sets EAGL apart from most gunshot detection systems that rely on acoustic sensors and open microphones. By promptly notifying security personnel, these sensors substantially decrease response times, facilitating quick intervention to mitigate potential dangers and safeguard lives.

Revolutionary Screening Options

One of the highlights of the webinar was the discussion surrounding revolutionary screening options that combine cutting-edge sensors and AI. These innovative solutions provide comprehensive protection during school hours and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities and events. By integrating advanced technologies, these screening systems can detect weapons and contribute to creating a safer environment for students, faculty, and visitors alike.

Participating in the webinar on integrating weapons detection and gunshot sensor systems was an incredible experience. I am grateful to for providing a platform for industry experts to share insights and collectively work towards bolstering campus security. By incorporating advanced technology and proactive approaches, we can prioritize the safety and well-being of our students and staff. The availability of the webinar recording for on-demand viewing ensures that this crucial information reaches a wider audience, contributing to our ongoing efforts to prevent active shooter incidents. Together, let us continue to strive for a safer future.

Call to Action

In our collective mission to enhance campus security and protect our educational institutions, it is essential that we take proactive steps and leverage the latest advancements in technology. I encourage you to watch the on-demand recording of the webinar, “How to Integrate Weapons Detection & Gunshot Sensor Systems into your Campus Security Plan,” hosted by By accessing this valuable resource, you will gain insights from industry experts and learn about the benefits of integrating these systems into your own security strategy.

Furthermore, I invite you to explore the solutions offered by organizations like Secured & Prepared Consulting, Omnilert, and other reputable providers in the field. Reach out to them to inquire about their expertise and explore how their offerings can be tailored to your specific needs.

Let us work together to prioritize the safety and security of our educational institutions. By implementing comprehensive security measures and staying informed about the latest technologies, we can create a safer environment for students, faculty, and staff. Together, we can make a difference and prevent potential threats before they occur.

Remember, the responsibility for campus security lies with all of us. Join the movement, stay informed, and take action to protect our educational spaces.

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