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We are excited to announce that Aaron Witt has joined the Active Shooter Prevention Project team of elite advisors. With over 22 years of experience in the criminal justice field, Aaron is a seasoned public safety professional and the founder and lead consultant for A-Train Tactical, LLC.

A-Train Tactical is an incident management consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses, schools, and houses of worship prepare for, respond to, and recover from critical incidents using real-world solutions. Aaron’s expertise includes developing site-specific Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) and scenario-based training exercises to increase overall response capabilities.

Aaron earned his Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Ferris State University in 2003. He learned the importance of physical security early in his career while working as a Corrections Officer at a maximum-security prison. In 2011, he attended FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, where he completed the necessary training and became certified as a Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP).

With over 19 years of experience as a federal Law Enforcement Officer and a third-level manager, Aaron is well-versed in emergency preparedness, self-reliance, and has the drive to help others recognize their potential. He is passionate about making communities safer and more resilient, one day at a time.


Aaron’s expertise and experience in incident management consulting and emergency preparedness make him an invaluable addition to the Active Shooter Prevention Project team of elite advisors. We look forward to working with him to help prevent active shooter incidents and keep our communities safe.

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