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Article written by Tod Langley
Emergency and Crisis Response Expert

As a former Special Operations Forces leader and senior adviser on Operations, Intelligence, and Special Programs, I have spent over 28 years working in the military, leading combat soldiers, Human Intelligence operatives, and seasoned Special Operations Forces during extremely sensitive missions. In that time, I have witnessed firsthand the devastating impact that active shooter incidents can have on individuals and organizations.

That’s why I am proud to be involved in the Active Shooter Prevention Project, a comprehensive program designed to help organizations prevent and respond to active shooter incidents. This program incorporates three core components: Prevention, Response, and Options. Each component is designed to provide organizations with a proactive approach to active shooter prevention and response.

The Prevention component covers a comprehensive threat assessment and intervention program, including community outreach and awareness, training for educators and mental health professionals, and early warning systems to identify and assist individuals who are at risk. This component helps organizations to identify potential threats before they become dangerous.

The Response component emphasizes the importance of understanding the place of the event, the people inside the event, the perpetrator, and the police. This component provides education and training to individuals to act as first responders and to escape and survive until the police arrive.

Finally, the Options component offers a range of solutions and resources that can help organizations prevent violence and respond quickly to active shooter incidents. This includes a review of physical security measures, communication plans, and incident response protocols.

My expertise in identifying and mitigating risks across the spectrum of conflict has made me a highly sought-after professional in the realm of security consulting. I believe that the Active Shooter Prevention Project represents a significant shift in thinking around active shooter prevention, moving away from a reactive, fear-based approach and towards a proactive, prevention-focused strategy.

I am honored to be a part of this initiative, which brings together experts from a variety of fields to create a comprehensive and effective program for active shooter prevention and response. With our combined experience and expertise, I am confident that the Active Shooter Prevention Project will help organizations across the country to create a culture of safety and security, and to better protect their employees and communities from the threat of active shooter incidents.

About Tod Langley

Tod Langley is an experienced crisis response expert with over 28 years of military and specialized advisory experience. He has led combat soldiers, human intelligence operatives, and Special Operations Forces on sensitive missions. Tod is the founder of Crisis Response Leader Training, Inc., which supports the development of computer-assisted and technology innovation links to the needs of emergency and crisis response leaders. He is a respected senior adviser on Operations, Intelligence, and Special Programs with expertise in identifying and mitigating risks across the spectrum of conflict. His services are often tapped for advisory support, and he brings valuable insights to any organization looking to enhance its emergency and crisis response capabilities.

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