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We are excited to welcome Tod Langley, an accomplished leader and security expert, to ASPP’s elite team of experts. With more than 28 years of military and sensitive operations experience, Tod brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the fields of Operations and Intelligence. His impressive background includes numerous leadership positions, such as program and project manager, multiple military commands, and senior advisory roles.

Tod’s experience leading combat Soldiers, Human Intelligence operatives, and Special Operations Forces during sensitive missions has earned him a stellar reputation in the realm of security consulting. His advisory support is often sought by local schools and first responder agencies to enhance prevention measures and better coordinate responses to serious incidents, like active shooter events.

A Subject Matter Expert on emergency and crisis response, Tod has extensive combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, serving from 2003 to 2014. Throughout his military career, he held various ranks, from Private to Sergeant, and Lieutenant to Major.

Beyond his military background, Tod is also a respected entrepreneur and innovator. He founded Crisis Response Leader Training, Inc. to develop advanced Computer-Assisted and Technology Innovation solutions tailored to the needs of Emergency and Crisis Response Leaders. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his commitment to creating cutting-edge tools that enhance security and safety.


Tod Langley’s addition to the ASPP team will provide invaluable guidance and support to our clients. His proven track record of developing advanced solutions for emergency and crisis response leaders will further strengthen ASPP’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and products. As a dynamic thinker and seasoned professional, Tod’s contributions will undoubtedly elevate ASPP’s position as a leader in the industry, helping to empower and protect individuals and organizations during critical situations.nbsp;

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