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Article written by Ara Bagdasarian
Emergency Communication Technology Innovator

ZeroNow is a national organization which aims to increase the pace and scale of technology innovation, ideas, and investment in school safety to bring about real change. As part of its mission, ZeroNow looks for ways to share ideas and innovation to improve safety and security in schools and communities. Members of ZeroNow include safety experts, technology innovators, and education leaders who are committed to finding new and innovative ways to improve safety in our schools.

The organization believes that with the right ideas, innovation, and investment, we can bring an end to school violence. ZeroNow partners with companies like Microsoft, Campus Safety, and IACLEA, to collaborate with school safety initiatives and help drive progress in the field.

One of the newest members of ZeroNow is the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP). ASPP is a highly respected team of security consultants that specializes in active shooter prevention and response training. They work with organizations to develop and implement customized security plans that are tailored to each client’s unique needs.

ASPP’s approach to active shooter prevention and response aligns perfectly with ZeroNow’s mission. By working together, they can help organizations stay ahead of the curve in school safety and provide the latest tools and resources to improve preparedness and response.

ZeroNow believes that the key to improving school safety is to think outside the box and invent the future. This means exploring new technologies and approaches that can help prevent harmful events before they occur. For example, Omnilert’s AI-powered Gun Detect software brings reliable, 24×7 monitoring to security cameras, creating a widely deployable early gun detection solution.

With the power of collaboration, we can create real change and work towards getting to zero harmful events in our schools. We believe that by thinking outside the box, innovating for the future, and investing in school safety, we can make a difference. That’s why we’re proud to work with our partners to bring the latest technology and innovations to the table.

Together, we can create a safer future for our schools and communities. Join the ZeroNow movement today and become part of the solution.

About Ara Bagdasarian

Ara Bagdasarian is the co-founder of Omnilert, an emergency communication technology company he established in 2004. He is a visionary entrepreneur and leader in the industry, known for pushing the boundaries of adoption and capabilities. Ara is an advocate for entrepreneurship education and founded the Lemonhead Council to help future entrepreneurs succeed through peer advisory sessions. He sits on the advisory board for the new Academies of Loudoun STEM magnet school and the National Advisory Council for the VTV Family Outreach Foundation. Ara recently testified to the United States Congress about the role of technological innovation and entrepreneurial development in creating thriving communities. He also founded ZeroNow to accelerate technology innovation, ideas, and investment in school safety.

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