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Article written by Mike Messenger
Active Shooter Preparedness Expert

As a retired FBI agent with over 25 years of experience in law enforcement, I have seen firsthand the devastating impact that active shooter incidents and other acts of violence can have on individuals and organizations. That’s why I am proud to be a proponent of the P.R.O. Model, a comprehensive approach to active shooter prevention and response that encompasses three core components: Prevention, Response, and Options.

The Prevention component of the P.R.O. Model covers a comprehensive threat assessment and intervention program, including community outreach and awareness, training for educators and mental health professionals, and early warning systems to identify and assist individuals who are at risk. By taking a proactive approach to identifying and addressing potential threats, organizations can create a safer and more secure environment for their employees, customers, and stakeholders.

The Response component of the P.R.O. Model emphasizes the importance of understanding the place of the event, the people inside the event, the perpetrator, and the police. This component provides education and training to individuals to act as first responders and to escape and survive until the police arrive. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an active shooter incident, organizations can minimize the impact of violent incidents on their people and their operations.

Finally, the Options component of the P.R.O. Model offers a range of solutions and resources that can help organizations prevent violence and respond quickly to active shooter incidents. This includes everything from access control and physical security measures to crisis communications plans and active shooter training programs. By taking a comprehensive and proactive approach to security, organizations can be better prepared to prevent and respond to violent incidents.

The P.R.O. Model represents a significant shift in thinking around active shooter prevention, moving away from a reactive, fear-based approach and towards a proactive, prevention-focused strategy. With the P.R.O. Model, organizations can create a culture of safety and security that makes it less likely that an active shooter event will occur and more likely that people will be protected in the event that one does.

It is my hope that the P.R.O. Model will be widely adopted across the country and that it will serve as a catalyst for real change in the way we approach active shooter prevention. By combining the investigations and response strategies, organizations can develop a comprehensive plan for preventing and responding to violent incidents. The goal is to provide a proactive and coordinated approach that maximizes the effectiveness of available resources and minimizes the impact of violent incidents on individuals and the organization as a whole.

About Mike Messenger

Mike Messenger is a retired FBI agent with over 25 years of federal law enforcement experience, including serving as the acting head of the FBI Newark Division where he oversaw personnel and resources focused on mitigating criminal and national security threats. He led multiple units at FBI Headquarters Counterterrorism Division and has expertise in building partnerships between the FBI and the private sector to enhance public safety. Mike has been recognized with numerous awards, including the FBI Director’s Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Leadership. Mike is the co-creator of the FBI’s e-Guardian, a web-based platform where federal and state law enforcement entities can collaborate, coordinate, and deconflict investigative activity.

Mike is also the Vice President of WINGSHIELD®, INC. The Wingshield transforms any classroom, break room, conference room, or office into a Safe-Room, providing unbeatable protection in times of crisis. With ballistic protection of Level 7 (AR-15 / .223) and Level 8 (AK-47 / AR-10 / .308 / 7.62), the Wingshield is designed to withstand even the most severe attacks. Its forced-entry resistance is unparalleled, ensuring that it will keep intruders out and keep you and your loved ones safe. The Wingshield is fire-rated for up to 60 minutes, adding an additional layer of protection. Not only is the Wingshield highly effective, but it’s also incredibly affordable, costing 2/3 less than traditional ballistic doors and other security measures. Plus, it functions as a dual-purpose whiteboard and protective shield, making it a practical and functional addition to any room. To learn more about the WINGSHIELD visit

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