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We are thrilled to introduce Rick Shaw, a valued member of the ASPP team. Rick is an innovative executive with over 20 years research experience in post incident reports in the active shooter space. Rick’s passion is identifying innovative ways of preventing incidents before they occur.

Rick’s research led to developing the First Preventers Program and the First Preventers software platform of tools critically needed to better equip resources in schools, organizations, communities and beyond, especially threat assessment, threat management, and behavioral experts, to collect, funnel, and connect the dots to see the bigger picture to intervene, disrupt, and prevent at-risk individuals from escalating towards more incidents and tragedies before they occur. First Preventers and Pre-Incident Prevention are vital to saving lives, preventing costs, reducing liabilities, and mitigating soaring consequences with incident response and incident recovery.

Throughout his career, Rick’s prevention innovations have been recognized with the Risk Innovator award from Risk & Insurance Magazine, Responsibility Leader award from Liberty Mutual, Business Innovation award from Business Insurance, Campus Safety BEST Award from Campus Safety Magazine, and MVP Award from Security Sales & Integration Magazine for the top Central Station/Monitoring Platform. Rick continues to identify lessons learned that must become lessons implemented to make schools, universities, organizations, and communities safer.

Rick’s book The First Preventers Playbook: How to Intervene, Disrupt, and Prevent Tragedy Before It Strikes shares game-changing findings from his research, the 6 Stages of Prevention, the value of Return on Prevention, and the innovative First Preventers Program that radically simplifies pre-incident prevention and community safety.

With Rick Shaw as part of the ASPP team, we are confident that our clients will benefit from his wealth of experience and his commitment to providing innovative solutions to emerging security threats. We look forward to working with Rick to help organizations improve their security, risk management, and overall performance.


To learn more about First Preventers software platform, visit And, to learn more about the First Preventers Program visit First

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