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Article written by Michael Rush
Active Shooter Preparedness Expert

The Active Shooter Prevention Project. LLC (ASPP) is an important initiative aimed at preventing active shooter incidents and enhancing the response to such incidents when they occur. As an expert in law enforcement with over 26 years of experience, I strongly believe in the effectiveness of the P.R.O. Model, which comprises three core components: Prevention, Response, and Options. The Preparedness and Options section, in particular, is critical to enhancing the response capabilities of organizations and schools.

One company that has played a vital role in Preparedness and Options is Wingshield®, Inc. The WINGSHIELD is a patented ballistic mobile-shelter-in-place device that provides immediate protection to individuals in the event of an active shooter situation. The device is easy to move and has the capacity to transform a into a safe room with 5-7 seconds. The WINGSHIELD is made from ballistic materials that can withstand bullets ranging from handgun rounds to rifle rounds.

The WINGSHIELD is especially important for classrooms and schools with special needs children. These students require unique care and protection in the event of an active shooter incident. The WINGSHIELD can be used as a safe space for students and teachers to shelter-in-place until law enforcement arrives, minimizing the risk of injury or death.

In addition, The WINGSHIELD is a cost-effective solution for schools with limited budgets. Once WINGSHIELDs are delivered to their final destination, they are implemented and functional within several minutes in their designated room or classroom. With no construction costs and building permit costs, Wingshield makes it an affordable option for schools seeking to enhance their security and preparedness.

As the inventor of the WINGSHIELD, I have seen firsthand the effectiveness of the device in preventing and mitigating the effects of active shooter incidents. The P.R.O. Model, combined with innovative technologies such as the WINGSHIELD, can help organizations and schools create a culture of safety and security, providing peace of mind to students, faculty, and staff.

In conclusion, the Active Shooter Prevention Project and the P.R.O. Model are important initiatives that can help organizations and schools prevent active shooter incidents and enhance their response capabilities. The inclusion of the WINGSHIELD in the Preparedness and Options section is a critical step in ensuring the safety of individuals in the event of an active shooter situation. With its cost-effective design and ease of use, the WINGSHIELD is an essential tool in any organization or school’s security and preparedness toolkit.

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About Michael Rush
Michael Rush is a highly experienced and accomplished law enforcement executive with over 26 years of experience in the field. He has held various leadership roles throughout his career, leading and supervising federal agents and task force officers from multiple agencies and police departments. Michael is an expert in the subject matter of Active Shooters and is the inventor of the WINGSHIELD, a ballistic mobile-shelter-in-place device, and is also the Co-Founder of Wingshield®, Inc. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business accounting, has graduated from the FBI Academy Special Surveillance Group (SSG) and the DEA Academy as a Special Agent in Quantico, VA. With his extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise, Michael is an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to enhance its security, risk management, and overall performance.

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