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We are excited to introduce Michael Rush, a valued member of the ASPP team. Michael is an accomplished executive with over 26 years of experience in the field of law enforcement. He is a retired Senior Federal Law Enforcement Officer, a former DEA Supervisory Special Agent, and the inventor of the WINGSHIELD, a mobile ballistic shelter device.

Throughout his distinguished career, Michael has demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic management, and problem-solving skills. He has supervised and led Federal Agents from multiple agencies and Task Force Officers from numerous state and local Police Departments, building strong liaisons and partnerships to tackle complex criminal investigations. Michael’s expertise in active shooters, risk management, and security makes him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to improve its safety and performance.

Michael’s invention of the WINGSHIELD, a mobile shelter-in-place ballistic device, is a testament to his innovative thinking and commitment to finding practical solutions to emerging security threats. As the Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of WINGSHIELD® Inc., Michael has played an instrumental role in the development and marketing of this unique device that offers a new level of protection and safety to people facing active shooter situations.

Michael’s extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise have earned him a bachelor’s degree in business accounting and a place in the FBI Academy Special Surveillance Group (SSG). He has also graduated from the DEA Academy as a Special Agent in Quantico, VA. Michael’s ability to assess risks, implement and develop operational plans, manage resources, and train team members is unparalleled.

With Michael Rush as part of the ASPP team, we are confident that our clients will benefit from his wealth of experience, expertise, and his commitment to providing innovative solutions to emerging security threats. We look forward to working with Michael to help organizations improve their security, risk management, and overall performance.


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