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Active shooter and domestic terrorism events continue to pose a significant threat to organizations and communities. To address this issue, the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP) offers P.R.O. Model Workshops, Prevention, Response, and Options for various organizations, including schools, houses of worship, corporate America, small businesses, non-profits, the general public, security officers, law enforcement, and the military.

ASPP’s interactive educational sessions provide participants with an opportunity to practice their skills and knowledge in a simulated environment, using scenarios and case studies to create a realistic and challenging learning experience.

These workshops are conducted in various formats, including group discussions, role-playing exercises, and interactive simulations, making them engaging and informative.

ASPP’s tabletop workshops are used as a training tool, providing participants with an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a safe and controlled setting. The scope of these workshops may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of the organization or the participants and are tailored to address active shooter and domestic terrorism events. They can be offered on-site at the organization’s facilities or at a simulated training facility.

The goal of ASPP’s tabletop workshops is to enhance the preparedness and effectiveness of leadership, teachers and students, security personnel, employees, and community members, and identify any areas for improvement or further training. They are purpose-built to ensure everyone is equipped to handle the challenges and risks that they may encounter during an active shooter or domestic terrorism event.

With ASPP’s P.R.O. Model Workshops, organizations can take the first step towards improving their safety and security. These workshops provide a practical and interactive way to enhance preparedness and response to active shooter and domestic terrorism events, and help organizations identify any potential gaps in their safety plans. Contact ASPP today to schedule a workshop for your organization and enhance your preparedness and response capabilities.

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