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Active shooter and domestic terrorism incidents are becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. As such, organizations must have comprehensive policies and procedures in place to prepare for and respond to these types of emergencies. The Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP) offers policy and procedure development services to help organizations create or update their policies and procedures specifically tailored to address the unique challenges and risks posed by active shooter and domestic terrorism events.

ASPP’s policy and procedure development process involves the creation of new policies and procedures or the review and revision of existing ones to ensure they meet the organization’s specific needs and goals. ASPP’s experts also provide templates and standardized formats to make policies and procedures easy to understand and follow, ensuring everyone is working towards the same goals. By creating clear and concise policies and procedures, organizations can improve their efficiency and reduce the risk of errors or mistakes in responding to active shooter and domestic terrorism incidents.

In addition to policy and procedure development, ASPP offers crisis recovery support to help organizations respond to and recover from these types of emergencies. ASPP’s comprehensive approach to policy and procedure development ensures that organizations have the tools they need to effectively prepare for and respond to active shooter and domestic terrorism incidents. Don’t wait for an incident to happen; contact ASPP today to learn how we can help you protect your organization and the people in it.

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