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Every new year brings with it the promise of change. Unfortunately, change today looks like a steady increase in active shooter and domestic terrorism events. For too long as a nation we have focused on the response to an active threat and not its prevention. It is time to re-think, re-train, change the paradigm and focus on prevention.

Together we have over two hundred years of collective wisdom surrounding active threat analysis and training. We retain the best minds and most experienced professionals in the industry. Our mission – the pursuit of excellence – defined as making all businesses, public locations, schools, houses of worship, and open public places, safe from active shooters and acts of domestic terrorism. This pursuit of excellence gives us both strength and inspiration. We are proud of our progress and our people, and every day we recommit to create a safer world for us all.

ASPP’s work in supporting at-risk nonprofits and businesses is both practical and personal. As individuals we are steadfast in our desire to create safer places to learn, to work, to worship, and to live. As safety and security leaders, we continue to invest in the research and development of methodologies and technologies that allow us to achieve this focused purpose. We are constantly learning and creating new strategies purpose-built to improve safety, security, and the quality of our lives.

We are grateful for the support of the US government and look forward to coming alongside the nation and providing ‘Best in Class’ active shooter prevention methodologies and training courses to all.

I hope you will join us on the Road to a National Standard for Active Shooter Prevention.

Greg Shaffer,
Principal, Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC

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